Funny little prototypes


Spring 2015
Sudden inspiration struck when I sat down to develop this game. Being more proficient at programming than ever, I could focus instead on making the game fun. Next time however, I should probably make it a bit easier, so that it'll be fun for other people and not just me. When i sat made this I realized that I'd been repeating a lot of code, so I turned it into the library Quigs.

Galaga Clone

Summer 2013
A quick little project following my nostalgia memories of playing Galaga Deluxe on the Amiga

If you don't know how to play this or even what it is, then I honestly don't understand how you even found my site.. :) Controls are left and right arrow key, and ctrl

My Galaga Clone was a fun and successful exercise in when and how not to over engineer while still completely acing the task at hand.

Preventive Obstacles

Fall 2011
Preventive Obstacles is the first game I developed that I think is truly fun (even if only for a short while). It is made in Unity3D.

The game is played from a first person perspective, and your objective is to get on top of the 3D Tetris style blocks falling towards the ground. don’t get crushed! Oh and don't fall into the raising lava either!

I learned a great deal about how simplicity often beats complexity from this project. It was the first project where I felt that I could control the code, and it wouldn't start spilling all over the place any moment because I didn't know how to maintain it.

Undertone Continuum

Spring 2010

Undertone Continuum was my entry for Ludum Dare 18 (a 2 day game development sprint-competition). It was developed with Unity3D.

You play the game from a first person perspective, and your objective is to protect your base in the middle of the map. Enemies advance from the edge of the map towards your base, and you have to kill them off before they reach their destination. You do this with your color gun, which shoots the colors: Red, Green and Blue. In order to kill an enemy you have to match your color guns color with your enemy. However, not all enemies are red green or blue, some are for instance cyan, and can only be killed by shooting a green ray through a blue enemy (or the other way around, mixing the two colors to cyan, which can then kill the cyan enemy.

It was a fun project, and my first real inking of how code start to become uncontrollable if you just develop with no thought or planning. I also learned that people won't really care to learn complicated controls without a proper gentle introduction or some better adjusted gameplay.

Cube platform

Winter 2009

Cube platformer was the first real project I developed that I didn't throw right in the bin after puking on it from utter disgust. It's not great, but I think that it's a cute little prototype. It was developed in Unity3D.

The game is set as a 2D platformer on the sites of a 3D cube. Every time you go to an edge of the cube, it is rotated so that you can continue on the next site. Because you can also go up and down, you're able to flip the cube around, so that what gravity is effectively switched around allowing you to access different parts of the cube.

From the feedback on this project I learned that most people, unlike myself, have a hard time seeing what is going on when everything is just a bunch of colored cubes. To compensate, I'd need to make simple models, and apply textures.